* Letzte Vorstellung
Juli 2017

Do27.07.17h45Wheels on Meals *
20h00The Party
21h45Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid *
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Fr28.07.17h30In Between
19h45Small Town Killers
21h45Plein soleil *
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Sa29.07.14h00Untitled *
16h10The Beekeeper and His Son
17h50Un profil pour deux
20h00The Party
21h45About a Boy *
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So30.07.11h00Whitney: Can I Be Me
13h15Maximilian *
17h00The History of Love
19h30The Transfiguration

Mo31.07.Montagskino CHF 11.–
16h00The Eagle Huntress
17h45Un profil pour deux
19h45The Party
21h15Small Town Killers *
August 2017

Di01.08.17h15Paris pieds nus
18h50La idea de un lago
20h30The History of Love

Mi02.08.17h00The Beekeeper and His Son
18h45Autumn Moon
21h00The Transfiguration *

Do03.08.18h00This Beautiful Fantastic
20h00The Party
21h45L'homme de Rio *
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Fr04.08.17h30Whitney: Can I Be Me
19h40Trespass Against Us
21h45Rebel Without a Cause *
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Sa05.08.13h10Return to Montauk
15h15Fai bei sogni *
17h45Rester vertical
19h45This Beautiful Fantastic
21h45American Gigolo *
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So06.08.10h45The Eagle Huntress
12h30In Between
14h45Un profil pour deux
18h30The Party
20h00Trespass Against Us

Mo07.08.Montagskino CHF 11.–
17h00Centaur *
18h50La idea de un lago *
20h30Rester vertical

Di08.08.17h00This Beautiful Fantastic
19h00The Party
20h45Trespass Against Us

Mi09.08.16h00The History of Love *
18h30Un profil pour deux
20h30The Mission

Do10.08.18h00David Lynch: The Art Life
19h40Viceroy's House
21h45Matrimonio all'italiana *
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Fr11.08.17h20Rester vertical
19h30Autumn Moon *
21h45Bullitt *
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Sa12.08.14h00Gute Tage
16h00The Eagle Huntress
17h45Viceroy's House
20h00The Party
21h45Catch Me If You Can *
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So13.08.11h00Paris pieds nus
13h00Un profil pour deux
15h10The Beekeeper and His Son
17h10This Beautiful Fantastic
19h30David Lynch: The Art Life

Mo14.08.Montagskino CHF 11.–
17h00The Party
18h30Viceroy's House
20h30Trespass Against Us

Di15.08.17h00David Lynch: The Art Life
18h45This Beautiful Fantastic
20h45Rester vertical

Mi16.08.14h45Un profil pour deux
16h45Paris pieds nus
18h30Viceroy's House
20h30Iron Monkey

Do17.08.17h00Un sac de billes
19h15In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
21h15The Party

Fr18.08.17h00Return to Montauk
19h15Un sac de billes
21h30The Mission *

Sa19.08.13h30In Between *
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15h30This Beautiful Fantastic
17h30Rester vertical
19h30In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
21h30The Party

So20.08.11h00Where is Rocky II?
12h50Gute Tage *
15h15Viceroy's House
17h20Un sac de billes
19h30The Eagle Huntress *

Mo21.08.Montagskino CHF 11.–
17h00David Lynch: The Art Life
18h50In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
21h00Un sac de billes

Di22.08.17h00Viceroy's House
19h10Paris pieds nus
20h45Project A

Mi23.08.14h45The Beekeeper and His Son *
16h30In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
18h30This Beautiful Fantastic
20h30Un sac de billes

Do24.08.17h30The Party
19h10Final Portrait
21h00Rester vertical *

Fr25.08.17h15Trespass Against Us
19h30Final Portrait
21h30Iron Monkey *
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Sa26.08.13h00Whitney: Can I Be Me *
15h10This Beautiful Fantastic
17h10Un sac de billes
19h20Un profil pour deux
21h15Final Portrait

So27.08.11h00David Lynch: The Art Life
12h50Return to Montauk *
16h00Paris pieds nus *
17h50Final Portrait
19h45In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts

Mo28.08.Montagskino CHF 11.–
17h00Trespass Against Us *
18h50Final Portrait
20h40This Beautiful Fantastic *

Di29.08.17h00In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
19h00The Party *
20h45Un sac de billes

Mi30.08.14h30Viceroy's House *
16h45Un profil pour deux *
18h45David Lynch: The Art Life *
20h30Final Portrait

Do31.08.16h45In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts
18h50Un sac de billes *
21h00Project A *